About Us


Stuff for Good Demo allows any non-profit to run an online thrift store without holding inventory, and with no financial risk.

Stuff for Good Demo turns stuff into cash for charities, tax deductions for donors, and bargains for buyers. It's a way for buyers and sellers to do good, and for charities to engage supporters without asking for money.

Americans Have $700B of Stuff They Don’t Want

According to NPD Research, the average US household has $7,000 worth of stuff they don’t want. Some that’s never been used, most that will never be used again. Why do we hang on to it? Does it have value if it won’t be used or enjoyed? The feeling that "our stuff ends up owning us" is common.

We Love Our Stuff

We love our stuff; however, most of it sits unused 99% of the time. Some have been used lightly, and some have never been used. Much of it will never be used again. We hang on to it because we think it’s valuable, but we don't know what to do with it.

We Want to Leave a Better World

Unnecessary production and trash are problems. Buying stuff we don’t need and throwing it away are problems. Storing stuff that we'll never use again is a problem. Stuff for Good Demo provides a way to recapture the value of our stuff, by getting it to someone who will use or enjoy it. Donating the money to charity not only feels good, but it also makes sense.

We Like to Buy, Not Sell

Most of us don’t want to be merchants. We don’t want to run yard sales. And we don’t want to be that “friend” who’s always trying to sell you something. Sure, we’ve used eBay, but only to buy stuff. Selling is a real pain. Stuff for Good Demo is an easy way to “sell” excess stuff. Buyers don’t have to worry about fraudulent sellers, and sellers don’t have to worry about non-paying buyers.

Doing Good Should be Profitable

Stuff for Good Demo is not a charity; we're a business that supports charities and charitable giving. We allow donors to list what they have and offer it for sale to others, with the proceeds going to the charity of their choice. We handle all the logistics of the sale, including our 30-day Buyer Assurance Guarantee (on shipped items), make sure the charity is IRS-approved, that all proceeds of the sale go to the charity, and that the donor and buyer receive proper documentation. We pay all credit card and transaction processing fees, return shipping and insurance fees and customer support costs. Charities pay us a small fee to provide these services.

Stuff for Good Demo does not solicit contributions for the charities that use our service, nor do we plan, manage or assist charities with fundraising campaigns. We merely provide a platform that makes it easy for anyone to sell their stuff to benefit the charity of their choice.